Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How hot are you running Mr. Bearing?

How hot are you running Mr. Bearing? Find out with our infrared digital thermometer! This digital thermometer uses a laser pointer to measure the heat that is being produced by the bearing. This handy tool helps you ensure your bearing isn’t running in higher temperatures than allowed. The thermometer has the capacity to measure temperatures of -50 to 380ยบ C. It measures 155mm x 80mm x 40mm, find more information about the Infrared Digital Thermometer at .

Here are the specs that nobody reads :)

Laser Targeting
  • Red Laser Power : less than 0.5 MW
  • LCD with Back Light
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit Select Switch
  • Laser ON/OFF switch
  • Automatic Power Off
  • Display functions
  • Temperature range: -50~380 Celsius (-58 ~ 716 Fahrenheit)
  • Accuracy: 2% or 2 Celsius
  • Resolution: 0.1 Celsius (0.1 Fahrenheit)
  • Response time: Less than or equal 0.8s
  • Emissivity: 0.95 Fixed
  • Distance to Spot Ratio: 8:1
  • Spectral Response: 5-14um
  • Storage temperature: -20~50 Celsius (-4~122 Fahrenheit)
  • Operating temperature: 0~50 Celsius (32~122 Fahrenheit)


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