Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Rod Ends and Cars

Rod ends came to be during the Second World War, they where in high demand since all the war machines needed them to function, pulling and pushing is the main function, therefore they were made in mass quantities. By the time the war was over the surplus rods began to move towards the private market.

Saying a Rod End is a individual thing would be a lie,as it is comprised of two different parts a male and female,as the name suggests they are meant to interconnect making them a very important part of any machine,ensuring they work.

After finding themselves with a surplus of rod ends people had to find uses for rod ends and that is what they did,an automobile would not work as intended if not for the marvelous creation of Rod Ends.

Consider if you will, an adjustable rod with a ball joint and on it a tie rod,more specifically a tie rod end. There are four of them in a car, one at each corner the front assemblies are serviceable with replaceable outer and inner ends,the rears are a one piece design.

With wear and tear everything deteriorates, as do rod ends,you must look out for these signs,lest you ruin your car or machine. Making tie rod failure one of the main causes for mass recall of cars. How does one avoid ruining his or her tie rod? Simply put,listen to what your engine is telling you and remember to take care of it ,so it takes care of you grease the tie rod ends with every oil change and it will prolong it’s life,ensuring you do not need a replacement for as long as you maintain it.
Since their creation Rod Ends have been vital however one must preserve them so they may carry on doing what they do best, and that is to ensure our machines do what they do the most efficient way possible.