Friday, November 29, 2013

Rusting and corrosion is oxidation of the steel

Rusting and corrosion is oxidation of the steel. by This can cause pits on the surface of the rings and rolling elements causing the bearing to cease. What causes corrosion? Well, there are a few causes of corrosion: Ingress of water, condensation of moisture in the air, poor packaging/storage conditions, and handling the bearing with bare hands. To prevent rusting one must ensure proper storage and proper sealing mechanism. These measures will prevent corrosion during long periods of mom-operation.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Would you like a cone or cup?

Would you like a cone or cup? This bearing comes with both! This single-row tapered roller bearings has the capacity to carry radial and axial load in one direction simultaneously (cone + cup). The sliding motion between the inner ring and flange and the roller end is the primary heat generation source. They have optimized the design of this critical area to reduce heat build up. The featured 30219 bearing is a metric standard taper bearings and measures 95mm x 170mm x 34.5mm and is made of chrome steel.
30219 Taper Bearing 95x170x34.5 CONE/CUP:vxb:Ball Bearing
30219 Taper Bearing 95x170x34.5 CONE/CUP:vxb:Ball Bearings

No one wants to be caged; unless you are a ball bearing!

No one wants to be caged; unless you are a ball bearing! There are 3 types of cages we offer, here at The first is the riveted steel cage. This cage is held together by rivets and it made of chrome steel or stainless, depending on the type of steel the bearing is made of. This type of cage is good for high speed applications. The second option is Nylon. The nylon cage is good for low friction. The third option is Bronze. Bronze cages are good for high temperature applications. A bearing with no cage is a full compliment bearing and that is usually found in high temperature bearings, the different Cage Options for a Bearing.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Walking the dog? Around the world?

Walking the dog? Around the world? Well none of these fun tricks would be possible without the help of this little Yo-Yo bearing. This particular bearing has ceramic balls which minimizes friction, making them perfect for the speed we often aim for in a yo-yo. Some of the yo-yo models it fits are Tamiya, Kyosho, Duncan, ProYo, Freehand, Turbo Bees, Cold Fusion. The dimensions are 5mm x 10mm x 4mm. The inner and outer races are made of chrome steel for durability. 5x10 Yo-Yo ceramic bearings.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Living in the hot life! 1,000ºF is what this little bearing handle.


Living in the hot life! 1,000ºF is what this little bearing handle. That is pretty hot if you ask me. This bearing is made of Silicon Nitride races and ball bearings. Ceramic is non magnetic, non conductive, and produces the least amount of friction. You will notice, this bearing has no cage and that allows for the ball bearings to expand in the heat. The bearing needs to be used in an application with no vibration, light load on the bearing, and no heavy impact as the bearing is brittle. The featured bearing measures 8mm x 22mm x 7mm, 608 Full Compliment Ceramic High Temperature Bearing.

608 Full Complement Ceramic Bearing 8x22x7 Si3N4:vxb:Ball Bearing
Highest Temperature: 1000 (degrees Fahrenheit) = 537.78 (degrees Celsius)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Not 1, but 2 rows please.

Not 1, but 2 rows please. Double row angular contact ball bearings are used for radial loads, and can also carry thrust in either direction. Their radial load- carrying capacity is not double the corresponding single row bearing, but is 1.55 times the single row bearing for a 20º contact angle and 1.47 times for a 30º contact angle. The featured bearing measures
35mm x 72mm x 27mm and is made of chrome steel. We offer a large selection of sizes in angular contact bearings, 5207ZZ Double Row Angular Contact bearing.

 5207ZZ Angular Contact 35x72x27:vxb:Ball Bearing

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

No washer needed here…when using a bearing with cage and roller assembly


No washer needed here…when using a bearing with cage and roller assembly, a separate raceway washer is not needed if the gear side is used as a raceway. This saves space and allows the bearing to be even more compact. If the bearing is placed in a housing, that will not allow the gear side to be used as a raceway, using an integrated bearing facilitates handling and mounting. Thrust bearings are often used in automobile drive trains, compressors, hydraulic pumps, machine tools, and industrial machinery.
AXK3047 Thrust Bearing 30mmx 47mmx 2mm:vxb:Ball Bearing

  • Item: AXK3047 Bearing
  • Type: Thrust Needle Roller Bearing
  • Size: 30mmx 47mmx 2mm
  • Dynamic load rating: 1,570 KGF
  • Static load rating: 7,470 KGF

    Bought this bearing to replace the front passenger side strut bearing on my 97 Geo Metro. The bearing came in the mail within a few days of placing my order, and it seems to be holding up well so far.... Eric, Burlington, VT

    Sunday, November 17, 2013

    Get a load of this…for the last 20 years

    Get a load of this…for the last 20 years, Nachi has had the highest load rating in the world! Bearing life is directly related to load ratings. A larger diameter roller relates to less stress, less stress relates to a longer bearing life. Stamped steel retainer coupled with floating aligning ring permits longer length rollers. All spherical roller bearings are heat stabilized so the bearings can operate to 400F with no reductions in bearing life. Bearing life: featured bearing 21307EW33 Spherical Roller Bearing
    • Item: 21307EW33 Roller Bearing
    • Type: Nachi Spherical Roller Bearing
    • Cage: Bronze Cage
    • Dimensions: 35mm x 80mm x 21mm/Metric
    • ID (inner diameter)/Bore: 35mm
    • OD (outer diameter): 80mm
    • Width/Height/thickness: 21mm
    • Size: 35 x 80 x 21 mm
    • Quantity: One Bearing
    • Dynamic load rating Cr: 96,000 N
    • Static load rating Cor: 76,000 N
    • Limiting Speed:
      • Grease Lubrication: 6,700 RPM
      • Oil Lubrication: 8,500 RPM
    • Made in Japan

    Thursday, November 14, 2013

    Started from the bottom now we're here...

    Started from the bottom now we're here...” In 2,107th place in the Inc 5000 magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. #tbt We are re-sharing this great news! The family is truly humbled and motivated by this recognition and will continue to strive for excellence. A big “Thank You” goes to our loyal customers who give us the opportunity to serve them. #vxb #inc5000

    Wednesday, November 13, 2013

    Little bearing, big responsibility!

    Little bearing, big responsibility! This S693ZZ bearing only measures 3mm x 8mm x 4mm and is found in the handle of a fishing reel. If something bites the bate, it is up to this little bearing to bring it in. The featured bearing is made of stainless steel. The ball bearings are made of ceramic which produces less friction. We carry bearings for most of the major make and model fishing reels in the market. Visit our website for more information or click here

    Item: S693ZZ Ball Bearing
    Type: Deep Groove Ball Bearing
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Balls: Ceramic
    Closures: Metal Shields
    Lubrication: Self Lubricated (Grease)
    Dimensions: 3mm x 8mm x 4mm/Metric
    ID (inner diameter)/Bore: 3mm
    OD (outer diameter): 8mm
    Width/Height/thickness: 4mm
    Size: 3 x 8 x 4 mm
    Quantity: one Bearing
    Equal: 693-ZZ &683-2Z
    KOYO: W693ZZ
    NSK: 693ZZ
    NMB: L-730ZZ

    NU309M Cylindrical Roller Bearing


    NU309M Cylindrical Roller Bearing and Removable Inner Ring, this is a popular size that could be used in many application that uses this size 45mm x 100mm x 25mm. Bearing is made of Chrome Steel.
    NU309M Cylindrical Roller Bearings
    • Item: NU309M Bearing
    • Type: Cylindrical Roller Bearing
    • Cage: BRONZE
    • Size: 45mm x 100mm x 25mm
    • Quantity: One Bearing
    • Dynamic load rating Cr: 78,500 N
    • Static load rating Cor: 77,500 N
    • Limiting Speed:
    • Grease Lubrication: 6,300 RPM
    • Oil Lubrication: 7,500 RPM 

    Tuesday, November 12, 2013

    Bearings Lube Big Mistake!


    One of the most common misconceptions that cause a bearing is to fail is the amount of lubrication a bearing must have. Many believe the bearing must be fully packed with grease for it to work better, however that is a big mistake. Over lubricating a bearing will actually force the motor to work harder. The more grease, the harder the motor has to work to over come the friction of the excess bearing, therefore causing overheating and premature failure of the bearing.  The standard grease fill should be 20% to 30% full.

    According to Nachi; the high precision ball bearing manufacturer, The Best Components Yield the Greatest Bearing Performance, Rings and balls made of select material have superbly controlled accuracy such as roundness, contour, surface finish, and hardness to provide quieter operation, reduced vibration levels, and long life. Rivet-type pressed steel cages for strength and durability. High-performance grease for long life and low noise.

    The alternative to gasoline is electric, to ceramic it is POM!

    The alternative to gasoline is electric, to ceramic it is POM. The POM bearing is a less expensive alternative to a full ceramic bearing. It offers the same benefits, however it made up of plastic composite races and glass fiber ball bearings. It is ideal for applications needing a non conductive bearing. The featured bearing measures 25mm x 52mm x 15mm, 6205 POM Bearing

    POM 6205 Plastic Radial With Glass Bearing 25x52x15:vxb:Ball BearingPOM 6205 Plastic Radial With Glass Bearing 25x52x15:vxb:Ball Bearing
  • Item: POM 6205 Bearing
  • Type: Plastic Radial With Glass Bearing
  • Material: POM (Polyoxymethylene) also known as Acetal
  • Inner Diameter: 25mm
  • Outer Diameter: 52mm
  • Width: 15mm
  • Size: 25 x 52 x 15 mm
  • Speed: 729 RPM
  • Load Capacity Dynamic: 92 LBS
  • Load Capacity Static: 61 LBS

    Monday, November 11, 2013

    Who do we have here? Mr. Popular 6203-2NSE Bearing!

    Who do we have here? Mr. Popular 6203-2NSE Bearing! This bearing is the most popular bearing for electric motor applications amongst thousands of other applications. The dimensions are 17mm x 40mm x 12mm and made of chrome steel. The lubrication used is Polyrex grease. You can get this bearing with metal shields (6203ZZE) or with rubber seals (6203-2NSE featured). There are other combinations available of this bearing; 6203-2NSENR with a snap ring, 6203-2NK non contact seal, a hybrid version with ceramic ball bearings, or open (no seals) and you can put it in an oil bath! This bearing is dimensionally “perfect” in size for many applications making it readily available and affordable.
    6203-2NSE Nachi Bearing 17x40x12 Sealed C3 Japan Ball Bearings6203-2NSE Nachi Bearing 17x40x12 Sealed C3 Japan Ball Bearings
    • Item: 6203-2NSE Nachi Ball Bearing
    • Type: Nachi Deep groove Ball Bearing
    • Radial Clearance: C3
    • Closures: Double sealed rubber seals RS/RS1/2RS1
    • Dimensions: 17mm x 40mm x 12mm/Metric
    • ID (inner diameter)/Bore: 17mm
    • OD (outer diameter): 40mm
    • Width/Height/thickness: 12mm
    • Dynamic load rating Cr: 9,550 N
    • Static load rating Cor: 4,800 N
    • Made in Japan

    Wednesday, November 6, 2013

    This poor, little bearing needs a house

    This poor, little bearing needs a house. Featured, today, we have a pillow block bearing removed from its cast iron housing. These bearings are often purchased to be replaced with out having to repurchase the entire unit. This UC201 bearing is for a 12mm shaft. It comes complete with set screws and seals. On the outer race you will find that this bearing has an oil hole for lubrication. Pillow block bearings are used in a large variety of applications such as manufacturing plants and heavy machinery, for more information, visit the following page and here are the specs:
    • Item: UC201 Bearing
    • Type: Mounted Bearing
    • Bearing Size: 12mm x 47mm x 16mm/31mm
    • Inner Diameter: 12mm
    • Outer Diameter: 47mm
    • Inner Ring Width: 31mm
    • Outer Ring Width: 16mm
    • Dynamic load rating Cr: 12,800 N
    • Static load rating Cor: 6,600 N

    Metric & Inch Mounted Bearings Load and Speed Ratings

    UC205 25mm Mounted Bearing ZrO2:vxb:Ball Bearing UC205 25mm Mounted Bearing ZrO2:vxb:Ball Bearings

    Part Number
    Dynamic Load Rating (lbs)
    Static Load Rating (lbs)
    RPM Limit
    UC201 12mm 12800 6600 8800
    UC202 15mm
    UC203 17mm
    UC201-8 1/2 inch 2900 2500
    UC202-10 5/8 inch
    UC203-11 11/16 inch
    UC204 20mm 12800 12800 7450
    UC204-12 3/4 inch 2900 2500
    UC205 25mm 13810 7700 6250
    UC205-14 7/8 inch 3140 1750
    UC205-15 15/16 inch
    UC205-16 1 inch
    UC206 30mm 18920 11000 5300
    UC206-17 1-1/16 inch 4300 2500
    UC206-18 1-1/8 inch
    UC206-19 1-3/16 inch
    UC206-20 1-7/16 inch
    UC207 35mm 25430 15130 4500
    UC207-20 1-1/4 inch 5780 3440
    UC207-22 1-3/8 inch
    UC207-23 1-7/16 inch
    UC208 40mm 32030 19580 4000
    UC208-24 1-1/2 inch 7280 4450
    UC209 45mm 32500 20280 3700
    UC209-26 1-5/8 inch 7390 4610
    UC209-27 1-11/16 inch
    UC209-28 1-3/4 inch
    UC210 50mm 35000 22830 3400
    UC210-30 1-7/8 inch 7900 5190
    UC210-31 1-15/16 inch
    UC210-32 2 inch
    UC211 55mm 43030 28950 3100
    UC211-32 2 inch 9780 6580
    UC211-34 2-1/8 inch
    UC211-35 2-3/16 inch
    UC212 60mm 52000 35590 2800
    UC212-36 2-1/4 inch 11800 8090
    UC212-38 2-3/8 inch
    UC212-39 2-7/16 inch
    UC213 65mm 60720 43510 2600
    UC213-40 2-1/2 inch 13800 9890
    UC214 70mm 61160 44000 2450
    UC214-43 2-11/16 inch 13900 9900
    UC214-44 2-3/4 inch
    UC215 75mm 62000 44200 2300
    UC215-46 2-7/8 inch 14000 10050
    UC215-47 2-15/16 inch
    UC215-48 3 inch

    10mm Bore P000 Bearing Miniature Pillow Block Mounted Bearings

    P000 Miniature Pillow Block Mounted Bearing
    10mm Inner Diameter

    P000 Miniature Pillow Block Mounted Bearing:10mm diameter:vxb:Ball Bearings

    P000 Metric Miniature Pillow Block Mounted Bearing, The Inner Diameter is 10mm.

    • Item: P000 Bearing
    • Type: Miniature Pillow Block Mounted Bearing
    • Quantity: One Bearing

    Tuesday, November 5, 2013

    Looking to build your own one way sprag clutch bearing?

    Looking to build your own one way sprag clutch bearing? We have the part you need! This bearing is typically used in automatic transition applications where engaging and disengaging is needed. This bearing does not have actual ball bearings, but more like “hour glass” shaped bearings that engage when turned a certain way. This piece sits inside a shaft and turn along with the housing. We offer several sizes. The featured bearing is 38.092mm x 54.752mm x 8.330mm and is composed of chrome steel.

    DC3809A Steel Sprag Clutch One Way Bearing:38.092mm x 54.752mm x 8.330mm:vxb:Ball BearingDC3809A Steel Sprag Clutch One Way Bearing:vxb:38.092mm x 54.752mm x 8.330mm:Ball Bearing

    Monday, November 4, 2013

    That is one huge ball of steel!

    That is one huge ball of steel! This 5” loose chrome steel bearing weighs a whopping 18.67 pounds. It is often used in applications requiring weight for movement; contraption of sorts. We have also had customers looking for these bearings for art or displays. The bearing is made of hardened chrome steel and is graded G400 in sphericity. We offer many sizes in the loose bearing category. For any questions, contact us, we are happy to help, for more information, visit



    Friday, November 1, 2013

    An air Gap? Yes, it's called the internal clearance!

    An air Gap? Yes, it's called the internal clearance. Ball and roller bearings un-mounted have an internal clearance which is actually a gap of air. Once the bearing is mounted onto a shaft some of the air gap is gone. A bearing works better with a small amount of clearance. Internal clearance in un-mounted bearings can be felt and measured. An application determines how much internal clearance should be in each bearing. There are 4 types of clearance C2, CN, C3, and C4. C2 clearance is for slow applications. CN is the universal standard clearance. C3 is for high speeds and is standard in America and C4 is high speeds and hot applications.