Monday, September 30, 2013

literally do it yourself!

We are in a “do it yourself” kind of age, where you can literally do it yourself! Here we have a bearing with an integrated axel making it easy to build your own cart, conveyer system, practically anything you can think of. This featured bearing has an outer diameter of 7/8” inches and an axle of 3/8”, the length of the axle is 1”inch (25.4mm in metric standards). It is made of chrome steel and the shaft is hardened. So dream up a project and test these puppies out. If you run into any questions, feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help, visit

Friday, September 27, 2013

608-2RS Black and Yellow

Black and yellow, black and yellow…catchy tune right? Well so are these bearings. The colors are eye popping and the performance, even better. These bearings have a nylon cage, chrome steel inner and outer race, chrome steel ball bearings, and are pre lubricated with oil for speed. offers a large selection of seal colors and makes of these 608 bearings. For any questions please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help. For more information about this eye popping bearing set, visit

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Skateboard Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

All the cool kids want these bearings, how can you blame them? You might need a second helmet after popping some of these on your skates/skate board. With ceramic ball bearings for minimal friction, Abec-5 rating for quality, and nylon cage for speed, these 608-2RS hybrid bearings are bound to make you feel like super man on the streets. You get the benefit of the ceramic and the strength of the inner and outer race being stainless steel, making them more durable and fast. offers these and many more options for hybrid bearings at an affordable price, for more information, please go to

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Smoothly Move your Load

Need to move a load smoothly, precisely and with minimum effort in any direction?’s ball transfer units can help! This feature ball transfer unit is made of beautifully polished chrome steel. With a 1” inch main ball, this transfer unit can handle up to 75lbs of load. You can find this and many other designs of ball transfer units in factories. They are used to move product along assembly lines. We offer a large selection of designs and makes of this bearing. For any questions, feel free to contact us, more info at

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mounted Bearing Square Pants

Half inch UCF shape mounted bearing is a four bolt flange unit with rigid cast iron housing. The bearing has 2 specially designed set screws in the inner ring space. These set screws are designed for maximum holding power and reliability for a wide variety of applications and operating conditions. This featured bearing is a UCF201-8 with an inner bore of ½” inch, for more information, please visit

1.75inch Chrome Steel Balls

These 1 ¾” inch (1.75") loose ball bearings are made of 52100 chrome steel. We offer a variety of sizes at Loose ball bearings are used in a variety of applications, including non conventional applications such as art pieces. These bearings are case hardened. Up to 60 Rockwell, for more information please visit the following link

Oh no, my bearing broke!

“Oh no, my bearing broke!” If you are holding a N207M bearing, it is not broken; the outer ring of this bearing is completely removable. These bearings are used in a wide range of industrial applications such as production machines, gear drives, rolling mills, and many more. These bearings are made to take heavy loads. The cage on this featured cylindrical bearing is bronze which is great for speed, N207M Cylindrical Roller Bearing can be found at

Everyone needs a little support! ... Even Shafts!

Everyone needs a little support! In this case we are talking about supporting a linear shaft. This 3/8” linear shaft support is made of chrome steel and has a mounting hole on each side to bolt down. Linear systems are often used in machinery, printers, manufacturing plants, just to name a few. The job of the support is to do just that; support the shaft. You can find these in all sizes and material components. Most common application is the CNC wood router machines and 3d printers. Find more about the support at

Friday, September 20, 2013

This “bearing” has no balls…or rollers!

How is this a bearing you ask? This “bearing” has no balls…or rollers! Well, in fact this is a bearing. It is called a bushing bearing. Think of the hinges on a door, they swivel using this type of bearing. The smooth finish allows for minimal friction and the bronze provides durable strength for continuous use. We offer a variety of sizes for this particular bushing.
More information at

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pass me the broccoli! :: Lazy Susans for Glass Turntables

"Pass me the broccoli! I want corn, pass me the corn!” If this is going on around your dinner table it is time for a lazy susan. These lazy susan turn table bearings are made to have glass tops mounted to them. With a smooth frictionless spin, these bearings make sharing, effortless! We offer 4 different sizes for this model. The polished aluminum finish makes this bearing appealing and chic. The holidays are just around the corner and we all know what that means; lots of food and sharing! If you have any questions on this bearing feel free to contact us, we are happy to help, click here to browse them.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

6205 Full Ceramic Sic (Silicon Carbide)

Traditionally bearings used in a multitude of applications, including bicycles, have been made of steel. Here we have a full ceramic 6205 bearing. It is composed of silicon carbide ceramic. Is it worth the upgrade? For many applications it is! One of the obsessions with full ceramic is that they are less heavy than metal, which is a big plus. These bearings are designed for applications with high humidity, high heat, low vibration, and little to no impact. The smooth finish on the ceramic allows for the least amount of friction to occur.

So what is all the buzz about silicon carbide ceramic you ask? Well, silicon carbide is the one of the strongest types of ceramic, stronger than the commonly used silicon carbide. For more information on this bearing, contact us! We are happy to help, buy it online at


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

L Shape Rod End Male to Female

L Shape Rod End, also known as Heim Joints, Ball Rod Ends SQL10RS-1, inner diameter is 10mm, the internal thread size is M10x1.5, 
Item: SQL10RS-1 Bearing
Type: L-Ball Rod Ends
Quantity: One L-Shape Rod end
Static load Capacity: 8.4 KN

Snap, ring, and roll!

This 1622-2RSNR is a standard radial bearing with a snap ring. OH SNAP!  The snap ring works by holding the bearing in place once installed in the housing IT AIN'T GOIN' NOWHERE
A snap ring works the same way a flanged bearing does. The snap option tends to be more economical which is why it is more... popular for simple applications IT'S PHENOMENAL THAT WE'RE ECONOMICAL
The featured bearing measures 9/16" x 1-3/8" x 7/16" inches and is called 1622-2RSNR, made of chrome steel. STEEL AND STRONG ALL DAY LONG 
Buy it online at
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Monday, September 16, 2013


Thin section bearings have low friction and the irregular (CAUSE WE ARE UNIQUE) torque ensures highly efficient power transmission and smooth rotating performance. The high accuracy of the bearing enables high-speed performa...nce. THE FAST AND THE FRICTIONLESS.
We offer thin section bearings in a 52100 chrome steel. POWER TO THE METAL! 
Super finished raceways provide a smooth surface finish to reduce internal friction and vibration. (GOTTA MAINTAIN THAT CONTROL) The dimensions to the featured thin section bearings are 3" x 3.5" x 1/4" inches, buy it online at

Friday, September 13, 2013

Spin your groove thing!

The RM4-2rs is a double row v-groove bearing designed to support radial loads, why is that good?..BECAUSE IT'S RADICAL DUDE!
V-groove bearings are made for linear motion applications where the bearing runs along a...
rail or track. Why do we care?...BECAUSE WE STRAIGHT TO THE RAIL!
The bearings are sealed to preserve the life span and is rated to spin up to 6,500 rpm's. Why is that important?... BECAUSE WE LIVE LONG AND RIDE FAST!
The RM4-2RS! Get it today!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Flanged Bearings or Bearings with Snap Ring

The F692 is a flanged bearing. in details; flanged deep groove radial ball bearings, the flange allows the bearing to be held in place once it is mounted to the shaft. This bearing is made of chrome steel and is shielded on one side only. The dimensions for the F692 are 2mm x 6mm x 2.3mm.
Another economic similar item, is the bearings that has snap rings usually named NR. I would always use a flanged bearing, it makes my simple design  with a rigid assembly.
You can buy the F692 online or any flanged ball bearings at

Monday, September 9, 2013

Needle thrust bearings

Needle thrust bearings are complements of small diameter needle rollers arranged in a spoke-like configuration. The purpose of these bearings is to transmit thrust loads between two relatively rotating objects while reducing friction. Needle roller and cage thrust assemblies also can be used with washers which serve as raceway surfaces for the needle rollers. Washers can be supplied separately or can be mechanically unitized to the needle roller thrust assemblies for easy handling, buy them online at

Friday, September 6, 2013

Thermoplastic housing with mounted Bearing

Thermoplastic housings have the feature of anti-rust under the environment of moisture and corrosion. This UC201 pillow block comes with a chrome steel self aligning bearing. The pre-installed bearing also has a wide inner ring with set screws. Thermoplastic housings are typically found in medical and in the food industry applications. This featured pillow block has the inner diameter of 1/2” inch buy it online at

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hey Rich People, here is the best way to skate

Hey Rich People, here is the best way to Skate

The black look 608 Full Ceramic Full complement Silicon nitride Si3N4 Ball Bearing 8mm Bore,  22mm diameter and 7mm wide. Full complement means that there is no balls cage (aka balls retainer), making the bearing slower, but gets the benefits of taking high temperature up to 1000F degrees, you will have to find lubricant that takes that temperature, check with your  grease lubricant manufacturer.

These bearings are made of Silicon Nitride Si3N4 , No-Rust, Non-Magnetic and Non-Conductive making it perfect for any food, pharmaceutical applications. 

The funny thing is that this item can fit in a scooter :) and yes, these bearings can fit in any skate application like skateboards, inline skate, roller hockey, roller blades and inline blades, but who would pay almost $500 for 8 skateboard or longboard bearings or $1000 for 16 skate bearings?. Also, they wouldn't be good if you plan to jump stairs or apply any dynamic loads on them, it would be perfect if  1) You are a rich person 2) You are a cruiser kind-of-skater 3) You needed the lowest friction bearings ever.
Buy them online at the price is for one bearing, you will need 4 for a scooter (who would use those on scooters) 8 of them for any penny, nickel, skateboard or longboard, and 16 of them for the roller hockey, inline skate or roller blades.

However, even if you are rich, get real and buy affordable bearings with high quality, for skateboards, I would buy this set of 8 hybrid ceramic bearings, here is how they look and click on this link to visit the original site:

20mm Linear Rotary Ball Bushing

This 20mm linear rotary stroke bushings has a limited rectilinear traveling stroke, it works with minimal wear resistance and enables smooth linear/rotary complex motion. It can be used with a variety of devices. The stroke bushing is designed to allow the ball bearings to rotate smoothly. The outer case contains a retainer which forms a staggered arrangement of the steel balls in machined holes on its inner surface. Each ball in the retainer may rotate smoothly in its individual hole while the outer case moves in a rotary and/or rectilinear reciprocating motion, the most common application is the sheet metal forming or piercing dies, usually 4 of them are used with four linear motion hardened shafts, buy it online at

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

6000 POM Plastic Bearings with Glass fiber Balls

With a plastic inner and outer race and glass ball bearings, the POM bearing is ideal for any application seeking low weight, resistance towards corrosion, maintenance free bearings. This bearing measures 10mm x 26mm x 8mm. Examples of applications are Conveying systems, Apparatus engineering, or any application that needed non-ferrous material, you can buy this plastic ball bearing at

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CSK15PP-2RS One way Sprag Bearing

This CSK15PP-2RS one way sprag bearing resembles a roller bearing, but instead of cylindrical rollers, non-revolving asymmetric shaped sprags are used; when the unit rotates in one direction the rollers slip or free-wheel.  When torque is applied in the opposite direction, the rollers tilt slightly, producing a wedging action and binding by friction. The sprags are spring-loaded so that they lock with very little backlash. You can buy it online by visiting