Wednesday, September 18, 2013

6205 Full Ceramic Sic (Silicon Carbide)

Traditionally bearings used in a multitude of applications, including bicycles, have been made of steel. Here we have a full ceramic 6205 bearing. It is composed of silicon carbide ceramic. Is it worth the upgrade? For many applications it is! One of the obsessions with full ceramic is that they are less heavy than metal, which is a big plus. These bearings are designed for applications with high humidity, high heat, low vibration, and little to no impact. The smooth finish on the ceramic allows for the least amount of friction to occur.

So what is all the buzz about silicon carbide ceramic you ask? Well, silicon carbide is the one of the strongest types of ceramic, stronger than the commonly used silicon carbide. For more information on this bearing, contact us! We are happy to help, buy it online at


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