Monday, May 17, 2021

Skateboard Bearing: Welcome to the Ugly Truth

Most of the skateboard riders look into the ABEC rating before they buy, I don't blame them for trusting the ABEC rating, the ABEC rating is a very good indication that you are getting the lowest tolerance range (the lower the tolerance range, the higher the quality) but not necessarily higher speeds, in fact the speed relies mainly on the clearance, beside what most people they need speed should know the skateboard bearings are not fast at all, skateboard bearings usually spin from 1000 rpm (revolution per minute) to 5000 rpm, car wheel bearings are even slower.

The highest speed application I have ever experienced is for the dentist hand-piece that can go up to 400,000 rpm, they get their motion power from an air turbine.

If you look into ABEC rating, check the supplier and their "honesty tolerance", most of the imported bearings say ABEC7, ABEC9, ABEC11 and ABEC13 ... hahahaaaa ... that is a big lie, in fact that piece of information made skateboard bearings selling almost impossible for us (VXB) to sell.

If we sell an ABEC7 bearing, we have to sell $4 each with a very slim profit margin, surprisingly you can find a set of  8 ABEC11 or ABEC13 at $3.

Most common skateboard bearing is the 608, which has 8mm inner diameter, 22 outer diameter and 7mm wide, I don't think a skateboarder would need more than ABEC3 to achieve whatever needed, however, clearance can go to C3 to make bearing spin easier.

Don't you ever test a bearing with your fingers trying to spin them, that's an indication for nothing, long life bearings needs to be lubricated at the factory, which make it hard to spin by finger, having them dry would be better for that false test, but steel can rust, we had to sell dry (no lubricant) Stainless Steel bearing to overcome that false test.

Steel types are different, carbon steel is the cheapest (exactly like the fake imported ABEC13 ) we sell these @ $0.29 each, they are ABEC-1 and good for skateboarders that has $5 budget for a set of 8.

Another type of steel is 52100 which the most common respected material for the ball bearing industry, also Stainless steel 440C grade is good but not needed, and if you are one of the people that think Stainless do not rust, you are wrong, they do trust but have higher corrosion resistance. Also id you are one of the people who think stainless steel doesn't attract to magnets, you are also wrong, 440C didn't lose their ferromagnetism, however Stainless Steel 300 grades lost their ferromagnetism and became paramagnetic.

Last and not least the ceramic balls, in my opinion, ceramic balls can only be better if you go gravity  downhill with no dynamic loads on the bearing, ceramic balls like the Zro2, Si3N4 are brittle and can easily be crashed, I don't advise ceramic balls (we still sell them though).

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Bearings and detecting the corona virus

In this day and age everyone wants to be absolutely sure that the environment in which the products they use are being made and held to the highest of standards of quality and performance.

The equipment that magnifies and analyses the bodily fluid,which plays a vital role in modern healthcare, helping to diagnose the most recent strain of diseases such as the corona virus in thousands of patients everyday. and the bearings made for these applications are not your everyday bearing they are made with the most thorough of research since these bearing’s results responsible for machines that test hundreds of specimens at once,and rely on several mechanical processes in order to work properly,that being said they need a bearing created to keep up with the high efficiency.

The first thing to consider when picking a bearing for this field is lubrication, as lubrication can cause cross contamination and thus they require special seals made of rubber PTFE materials.

The balls on the other hand are slightly different and are held to a higher standard since these are constantly exposed to condensation and must keep there integrity regardless of this and this is beyond vital in medical devices such as those that detect the corona virus. 

Friday, March 6, 2020

Electric cars and bearings

Ball bearings have one job and that is to reduce friction and reach maximum efficiency. The way that this is done by reducing friction contact between machine parts. Even though bearings reduce friction, they also allow rotary motion and linear motion between two surfaces.

As the name suggests a ball bearings use a substantial number of balls which are usually steel which are surrounded by a spinning inner race. Finally it is engulfed by an outer race which is a steel ring and you are finally left with the bearing we know and use in the everyday bearing use.
Bearings carry loads along both it’s axis the rotational and perpendicular,those are the axis of rotation. Rolling element bearings that carry loads that are perpendicular to the rotational axis are named radially loaded bearings.
Ball bearings are most likely used to support small and medium sized loads and maintain there form under high speed and also high pressure. This depends on the application it is used in.

With the ever evolving automotive industry bearings had to evolve lest they find themselves being old news. Day after day there are more electric cars being driven on the roads. While the cars evolved the car manufacturing process changed with it. It seems every manufacturer has an electric car today from the BMW i3 to the Nissan Leaf the increased presence of electric cars on the roads has lead to much needed research.
Bearing manufacturers have developed their bearings and evolved them hand in hand with electric cars. Bearing manufacturers have kept up with the newest technology since 1907 so it is not at all a surprise that Bearing manufacturers have created the bearings for electric cars.
In fact Bearing manufacturers created a special line of bearings named e-drive bearings that allow electric cars to drive longer and more efficient,by decreasing heat and friction thus allowing the car to move more efficiently. Prolonging the life of the battery.
Key terms:

PHEV: these are batteries that are charged using an external source.
NEV: these electric vehicles are meant for street driving at lower speeds around 45mph

EREV: extended range electric vehicles these are able to switch to gasoline once the electric engine is low.

Fact: the Tesla model S is the most expensive Tesla priced at $100,000.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ball Bearings, Flange versus Snap Ring

Bearings are meant to be part of a small system that allow a larger system to function that in turn allow a machine or engine to work flawlessly. A bearing is the most vital part of a machine you will never see.

A bearing is a team player,a supporting actor in a larger cast in this case a bearing flange a flange is not simply housing for the bearing it ensures the safety of the two connected pipes and reducing friction as any bearing does however this bearing is special due to its housing. It’s housing allows it to withstand a high vibration environment also it is made to carry heavy loads and high temperatures.
These bearings are ever correcting as the shaft requires.

As for what they are made of different materials as different materials have different properties in different environments, they must have endurance properties including temperature and weight endurance such as aluminum which has all of those properties speed endurance, temperature endurance and lifetime.

A flange is the only thing keeping piping systems from falling apart.A bearing is equally important a vital part of the moving parts of the machinery surrounding us. The bearing is surrounded by it’s housing making sure it stays secure from all the surrounding moving parts. The housing remains motionless allowing the bearing to move only in the desired direction and not move freely.there are different types of this bearing as its not one size fits all.

Three bolt which gets its name due to the three holes used to mount it.
Four bolt which has four mounting holes located around the bearing axis.

What ball bearings are suited for these different mounts simply put a bearing with both high rolling elements and roller bearings which decrease friction.

* Cylindrical roller bearings are able to function carrying high radial load bearing capabilities.
* Spherical roller bearings
* Tapered roller bearings
* Needle roller bearings
* Plain bearings
* Sleeve bearings

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Rod Ends and Cars

Rod ends came to be during the Second World War, they where in high demand since all the war machines needed them to function, pulling and pushing is the main function, therefore they were made in mass quantities. By the time the war was over the surplus rods began to move towards the private market.

Saying a Rod End is a individual thing would be a lie,as it is comprised of two different parts a male and female,as the name suggests they are meant to interconnect making them a very important part of any machine,ensuring they work.

After finding themselves with a surplus of rod ends people had to find uses for rod ends and that is what they did,an automobile would not work as intended if not for the marvelous creation of Rod Ends.

Consider if you will, an adjustable rod with a ball joint and on it a tie rod,more specifically a tie rod end. There are four of them in a car, one at each corner the front assemblies are serviceable with replaceable outer and inner ends,the rears are a one piece design.

With wear and tear everything deteriorates, as do rod ends,you must look out for these signs,lest you ruin your car or machine. Making tie rod failure one of the main causes for mass recall of cars. How does one avoid ruining his or her tie rod? Simply put,listen to what your engine is telling you and remember to take care of it ,so it takes care of you grease the tie rod ends with every oil change and it will prolong it’s life,ensuring you do not need a replacement for as long as you maintain it.
Since their creation Rod Ends have been vital however one must preserve them so they may carry on doing what they do best, and that is to ensure our machines do what they do the most efficient way possible.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

To grease or not to grease? That is the question

Grease has a superior stop-start performance
Oil drains which risks a dry start but that is not the case with grease as seals and connectors can retain grease better than oil.

Machines are meant to function smoothly however in order for this to happen you must remember to periodically grease them there are obviously positives to greasing a bearing but also there are cons we will be discovering them today and discussing when each is appropriate and which is better.
A proper lubricant can mean prolonging the life of a bearing or neglecting lubricating will be the end of your bearing’s lifespan. The true question is how to preserve the bearing?and ensure you get the most out of it,the answer is simple lubrication.
Friction is essential for movement nothing can function without moving parts not even the human body,we need friction to drive manufacture or anything else that can come to mind the list is truly endless.
However friction is both a friend and a foe yes friction a clearly essential part of the life cycle of machines yet under or over estimating when to grease a bearing or not may lead to a costly replacement.
Here are the mistakes people make when it comes to lubrication.

Lubricating according to time instead of condition as even if it is not in use you must still ensure its functionality and it’s range regardless of the wear&tear even though lubricating periodically is essential It could mean the death of your bearing making it unfit for use
Over and under lubrication, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, too much grease is damaging to the bearing as it too much grease raises the temperature of the bearings which in itself could decrease the effectiveness of the lubricant making it useless.
Using a “listen only ultrasound instrument” isn’t enough as no two people hear the same and there is no way to remember what the bearing sounded like a month ago.

To answer the question, there is no definitive answer as it truly depends on the bearing and the conditions in which it is being used therefore when asking yourself this question you must first ask yourself this question how have I been using and treating this bearing? Once you answered this question you will have an answer to the question to grease or not to grease?
Don’t confuse greasing with lubricating a machine with oil as grease performs the same function as oil but thicker and lasts longer also unlike grease oil flows freely enabling it to conduct and carry away unwanted heat this keeps oil-base oil viscosity stable and reduces the risk of heat induced oxidation and additive depletion.

Unlike oil, the churning of grease in gears and bearings results in high energy consumption losses and heat consumed in a similar application may be only a fraction of that of grease.
Using grease immobilizes dirt and impurities and transports them to filters.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Ball bearings ... Explained Briefly

Ball bearings ... Explained Briefly

Angular contact bearings support joint heaps (loading in either radial and axial guidelines ) along with also the contact angle of this posture ought to really be matched into the comparative proportions of every and every and every The more expensive the touch angle (on average at the number 10 to 4 5 levels ), the greater the compacted load encouraged, nevertheless also the reduced your radial load.

The sorts of bearings, pairs are implemented at an system of pairs, wherever by two bearings have been fastened over a shaft to manage each-other. This enhances the bronchial run out by simply taking on (pre-loading ) the mandatory small clearance between the posture races and balls. Pairing gives a benefit of dispersing the heaps, not exactly decreasing the load capability in comparison to a posture.

Angular contact bearings are utilized in different pairs: just about every bearing's style and style affirms heaps in a single way, thus in the event the applying requires aid in the guidelines that an pair is demanded. Even the push constructed and has to be equipped as when implemented too it originates from your brute force power of these bearings, and also certainly will hurt claws. The mechanism can face collectively the bearings or split them.

You'll find a lot of layouts of ball posture. They are sometimes drawn up from several diverse substances, for example: metal, stainless metal, and ceramic (silicon nitride (Si3N4)). A bearing is a posture with balls and balls of alloy. Axially parties are used by an angular contact ball bearing, make get hold of with. An load moves throughout the posture into a direct line, where as a load carries. Hence that the angle of touch onto the race would be just like that in the race. In higher velocity software, like jet motors, turbines, and equipment, the touch angle is changed by the forces in the outer and inner race.

Ceramics for example silicon nitride are regularly utilized such software because of their reduced density (40 percent of metal ). These substances reduce function and force well. They have a tendency to utilize at a very comparable approach to position steel rather than simply hammering or shattering such as porcelain or glass. There can be A ball bearing a kind of posture which utilizes balls to keep up the gap between your posture races. Encourage axial and loads and the goal of the ball posture is always to cut back friction. It accomplishes that using three or more races carry the heaps and then to comprise both the chunks.

Generally in the majority of software, 1 race has been both static as well as the alternative is connected into the rotating assembly (e.g., a heartbeat or rotating ). As a portion of those posture races melts it induces that the chunks to rotate. That they will have a coefficient of friction compared to just two surfaces slid against each other, As the chunks are rolling.

An axial axial or push ball posture uses races. An axial load is sent directly a load is supported and also proceeds to divide the races, though, to ensure there is a radial load probably going to hurt the posture. Deep-groove in a posture, the race measurements are somewhat near the chunks which run in its measurements.

Bearings encourage loads compared to a groove that is shallower. Minus a option of touch angle bearings encourage loads, however like angular contact bearings to permit range of percentage of the loading capabilities. Ball-bearings generally have diminished load capability because of this contact area between your races and balls compared to some several other types of bearings to get his or her size. They could withstand a few misalignment of their outer and inner races. As the drives on such bearings come at the axial course bikes utilize bearings. Even a style and layout and style has 2 rows of posture balls. Their drawback is that they desire orientation that is better .

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Ball Bearings Lubrication

The Unknown Details Regarding Ball Bearings Lubrication That Most People Aren't Aware Of

Air pressure at the auto tyres can decrease the phenomenon of friction that is rolling. Fixing the wheels with higher pressure may also add to the harm. After it's driven to perform at quite speeds the motor will give far.
Belts and gears permit it to become feasible for a single motor to do several works. Pulleys basically permit management to be modified by a belt as it paths to your accessory. The belts can be produced of stuff.

Choosing Good Ball Bearings Lubrication

Park brakes are generally made of a urethane for tackling and also superior bite. Plus they give you the use of supporting the following piece or component within a desired position Utilizing bearings is important to any or all forms of machines. You'll find a few more big and tiny parts inside of the suspension strategy.
Aside from that, the drive-line may want to get expunged to find access. You have consult a service guide for the model that is distinctive. Whilst trying to acquire access to this 11, problems occur.

Life, Death, and Ball Bearings Lubrication

You will also have to have a peek in the hub bearing assemblies to produce sure their integrity. This system is currently apt'. Grease is of top quality and it reaches on to each corner of their position.

Ball Bearings Lubrication Fundamentals Explained

The debut of porcelain ball bearings is really definitely the most essential advancement. The bearings help provide a smooth ride to you. On the majority of the widely used Coolers, oiling the bearings will be a endeavor.
Lubrication could be the part for the upkeep of ball-bearings. Swivel mounts could be built with wheels. Belts and pulleys do not need lubrication, but even though the buckle could put on or slip.
Lubrication is on account. While having a film obstruction involving your shifting elements to keep them from rubbing 31, industrial preservation lubricants are created to distribute heat that's created by the moving parts. It's not uncommon to possess a posture that might not have now been constructed properly throughout the fabrication clinic.

The Downside Risk of Ball Bearings Lubrication

You may come across an acrylic cup. Wheel dressings may potentially be necessary along with having enough coolant is crucial that you stop the burn off stains. Inside this instance, any kind of grease is usually NOT advised.

What Everybody Dislikes About Ball Bearings Lubrication and Why

It is important that the plank thickness is inspected by you just whenever you're oiling the bearings. The pulley shouldn't have any grease. Additional ball-bearings are all situated on just about every aspect of the crankshaft in the engine's bottom.

The Nuances of Ball Bearings Lubrication

Garage doors nowadays are made to survive 15 to 20 many years. Can not pay for a mechanic buy a repair manual that will help if you should be mechanically inclined but. If you'd want to help really make the most of the utilization of one's doorway you wish to provide it preservation to make certain you just catch problems early.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

High Temperature Bearings, a longer life bearings

VXB High Temperature Bearings

If you bearing is replaced more often than if should be, consider using high temperature bearings, they were made to withstand tougher environment, different steel type and more clearance than the normal clearance.

We carry an extensive selection of high temperature bearing in our website, click here to go directly to our high temp ball bearings page.

And again, if you have any question, please email to our general email address info at 

Thanks and have a great Day 😊

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Testing VXB Full ceramic Ball Bearing in a Fidget Hand Spinner

We tested our VXB full ceramic ZrO2 ball bearing a hand spinner, introducing the Fidget Hand Spinner 608 ZrO2 Full Ceramic Open Ball Bearing with PA66 Cage,

Fidget Hand Spinner Full Ceramic Bearing ZrO2 (Zirconium Dioxide) rings with ZrO2 calls and PA66 cage (Nylon), more than 3 minutes, try that with your bearing 😊

Bearing is made of ZrO2 Ceramic.