Thursday, March 12, 2020

Bearings and detecting the corona virus

In this day and age everyone wants to be absolutely sure that the environment in which the products they use are being made and held to the highest of standards of quality and performance.

The equipment that magnifies and analyses the bodily fluid,which plays a vital role in modern healthcare, helping to diagnose the most recent strain of diseases such as the corona virus in thousands of patients everyday. and the bearings made for these applications are not your everyday bearing they are made with the most thorough of research since these bearing’s results responsible for machines that test hundreds of specimens at once,and rely on several mechanical processes in order to work properly,that being said they need a bearing created to keep up with the high efficiency.

The first thing to consider when picking a bearing for this field is lubrication, as lubrication can cause cross contamination and thus they require special seals made of rubber PTFE materials.

The balls on the other hand are slightly different and are held to a higher standard since these are constantly exposed to condensation and must keep there integrity regardless of this and this is beyond vital in medical devices such as those that detect the corona virus. 

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